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Championship Mentality


Episode 4 of Sprayin’ dives into the wild and imaginative world of Barc the Dog, a street artist making waves in the Jersey City creative scene. Get an insider's look at his background, unique art style, and the factors and life experiences that drives his creativity. His "Championship Mentality" has been the backbone of his path as an artist, designer, and innovator.

Sprayin' Series

BARC The Dog at Deep Space Has Plenty of Bite

"There’s nobody in town who has explored the intersection between the figurine, the videogame avatar, the escapist fantasy of mad science, and the dangerous, carnivalesque urban landscape as comprehensively as Lansang has."

-Tris McCall

Jersey City Times

The Eleven Best Jersey City Art Shows of 2022
BARC the dog's "Machine's I Wish Existed" at #1

"But to really understand the zonked brilliance of what Alexander Lansang is up to, it’s necessary to plug your nose and cannonball into the deep end of BARCworld. “Machines I Wish Existed” was an exercise in total immersion that included BARC stories in comic books, BARC sketches, triptychs in acrylic, illustrations of characters drawn from the BARC Expanded Universe, and a series of infernal contraptions including a time machine, a Geiger counter, and a command chair with a makeshift targeting device for a laser beam."

-Tris McCall

Jersey City Times


New York Gallery O’Flaherty’s Packed the Street and the Walls for "The Patriot" Opening

“The Patriot” is based on a simple premise: artists hate summer group shows. “You're slobbed together with a bunch of strangers who are totally unrelated to what you're about, and the rich people are out of town,” Juliano-Villani explains, but “if you thought you couldn't be in a more disrespectful group show, you were wrong.”

-Janelle Zara

Cultured Magazine
Art News

The NYPD shut down this gallery opening after thousands of art lovers turned up

"Complete chaos in the best way possible. It was a wild experiment."

-BARC the dog

Time Out Magazine

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