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Alexander Lansang

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Not to be confused with Dr. Alexander Lansang.

Alexander Lansang (born Alexander Raymond Torres Lansang; January, 4th 1992), also known as BARC the dog, is an American graphic artist and illustrator. Over the last decade he has worked in many industries including advertising, music and museums as an Art Director and illustrator/designer. Notorious for his fast pace of work and imaginative illustration skills along with a mind made for comprehensive branding, he is prepared to use his expertise to help you with your needs.

Alexander has worked with companies such as LA Times, Sony Music, Kit Kat, Motorola, Trolli, Capital One, Pfizer, Volkswagon, Giphy and more. He has a passion for weaving narratives into the brands he works with and uses his overactive imagination to create dynamic illustrations and designs.


1    Advertising

2    Music

3    Museum

4    Auto Repair Shop

5    BARC

Work History

The following projects are a limited selection made to represent the range of work Alexander has produced.
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Alexander Lansang


Alexander in 2021


Known for

Alexander Raymond Torres Lansang
January 4, 1992
Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.
Filipino American
Art Direction, Illustration


Alexander made his professional debut in 2011 in the advertising industry as a Graphic Designer at Young & Roubicam working on ad campaigns for a plethora of corporate companies. He spent many late nights as a "Mad Man" on Madison Avenue, sometimes even sleeping in the office writing and creating concepts and visuals for commercials, ads, and full blown campaigns.


After a year in the advertising industry Alexander was introduced to the music industry and began to work as an Art Director for Sony Music. For 2 years he worked with musical artists to create stunning visuals for their latest releases. He traveled the country directing photoshoots on location, designed and created print ready assets/packaging for album releases and advertising, and communicated with management to execute the artist's vision. While there he had worked with some of his favorite artists such as Snoop Dogg, MGMT, Daft Punk, Miley Cyrus, and Doja Cat (before she blew up).





Alexander went on to become the Lead Art Director for the museum Gulliver's Gate, a miniature museum of the world. Alexander was brought in from inception to build the branding and design the entire experience for the visitor. He designed the wayfinding, maps, information, illustrations, murals, characters, merchandise, games, essentially every visual piece of artwork except for the models themselves.


In 2020, Alexander was approached by an auto repair shop, named Love Shop Auto, to build a brand that was original and unique amongst its peers. His responsibilities were to design the brand from the ground up, which included: logo + branding, space design, mural, illustration, narrative, and website. He continues to collaborate with the brand and would highly recommend you take your car there for repairs if needed.

Auto Repair Shop

Throughout this time Alexander has freelanced and worked under his pseudonym BARC the dog as a fine artist to produce paintings, murals, sculpture, animation, illustration, digital experiences and more for solo exhibitions and galleries.

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