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BARC the dog (formerly known as Alexander Lansang, born and based in Jersey City) is a Filipino multi-media artist using a cartoon dog to create visual narratives. BARC represents an alter-ego of the artist through which he uses active design, distinctive color combinations, and allegory in his artwork to depict a myriad of scenarios. BARC's work fuses his experience as a graphic designer, with his upbringing in urban environments, love of 90’s cartoons and street culture. BARC the dog explores themes of chaos, trauma, and adventure through paintings, sculpture, toys, illustration, animation, and film.



2023 This is Bluey Bluey at Secret Fresh Gallery Manila/PH

2023 Wonder Bunker at Artfair 14c Jersey City/US

2023 Dineen Hull Gallery Jersey City/US

2023 Ghoshrimp Residency Program, Vermont/US

2022 Interstices at Village One Art New York City/US
2022 Showcase at Artfair14c *WINNER of People's Choice Award* Jersey City/US
2022 Machines I Wish Existed *Solo Exhibition* Jersey City/US
2022 The Patriot at O’Flaherty’s New York City/US

2021 Miniature Show at Deep Space Gallery, Jersey City/US
2021 The Big Show! at My Pet Ram, New York City/US
2021 Jungle Show *Solo Exhibition*, New York City/US
2021 Walls to Smalls Group Show at Deep Space Gallery, Jersey City/US


2020 iJungle Illustration Awards, Award in Comics for BARCmenia
2020 Ghostscout Residency, Vermont/US
2020 Bad Prize *Solo Exhibition*, New Jersey/US

2019 The Ghostshrimp and Friends Podcast, Vermont/US
2019 BARC Workshop at TUMO Center, Yerevan/AR

2018 Julia Govor DJ set at Mix Mag, New York City/US
2018 BARC Display at Toy Tokyo, New York City/US
2018 The Ghostshrimp and Friends Podcast, Vermont/US
2018 BARC Workshop with Mumbot, New York City/US
2018 BARC Trip Around Central Park, New York City/US
2018 Ghostscout Training Camp (Counselor), Vermont/US

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